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We launched POS (point of Sale) Project in 2017 to provide POS and Business Solution
on very low and affordable prices to computerize any business. We can Develop any
software for any use and need We have number of national and international satisfied
clients Our Ready Products are for Office Management, Property and Rental, Resturants
Hotels, Banquet Halls, Marts, Whole Sellers, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Academies
and Schools, Beauty Saloons, Mobile Shops, Installment Business contact 03455255560 ASAP
Basic POS system for Distributors
Restaurant & Fastfood Software
Online POS & Business system

Online Professional Business system

Retailers POS Software

Banquet Shadi Hall Software

Current Clients:

0- KING FOODS Bahria Town Phase 7 Rawalpindi. (01-2019)
1-AL-TEHZEEB Restaurant, LHR (11-2018)
2-FISH HUB  I-11/3, ISB (11-2018)
3-Malik Autos Saidpur Road RWP (11-2018)
4-Ripples sound and vision Jinah Super ISB (2001)
6-RIPPLES F11 MARKAZ 2005 (2005)
7-Elecreic Tech haathi chowk sadder, RWP (2010)
8-Royal corporation Soan Gardens ISB (2008)
9-Kosar medicose and cosmetics G-9/4 ISB
10-Mian & company commette chowk (2007)
11-Hafiz mart phase 3 bahria town (2009)
12-Ripples S&V Ph4- Allah chowk Bahria, RWP (2008)
13-ZEF Foods Restaurant phase 4 Bahria town (2011)
14-Saddle Lounge restaurant A Bahria Town Project (2013)
15-MRCOD restaurant naz cinema murree road (2012)
16-Platter phase 4 Bahria Town, RWP (2010)
17-Route 66 restaurant wah Cantt (2013)
18-Chicken grill restaurant taj mahal plaza 6th Road, RWP (2015)
19-Captain grill restaurant Safa Gold Mall ISB (2015)
20-Ripples kids Phase 4 Bahria Heights 2 Bahria Town, RWP (2014)
21-Juniors phase 4 heights 2 Bahria Town, RWP (2017)
22-Tuck shop PSO Bahria Town Phase 4, RWP (2012)
23-Right Spot Mart Post Office Bahria Town Phase 4 (2012)
24-Right spot 2 phase 7 Shaheen Chowk DHA Ph1 (2011)
25-Ripples cash and carry Phase 8 Bahria (2015)
26-Ripples Sound and Vision Phase 8 Bahria Town, RWP (2009)
27-Hassan cables and electrical O9  PWD (2011)
28-Kinderland civic center Bahria Town (2018)
29-Sheikh mart phase 5 Bahria Town (2016)
30-Muhammdi Autos Murree road RWP (2008)
31-Ghausia autos choohar RWP (2017)
32-Madni autos circular road RWP (2015)
33-Awais autos kashmir road sadder (2008)
34-Smart Save phase 3 Bahria Town (2011)
35-Alkamran drugs G9 ISB (2012)
36-Qadeer wind screen, Kashmir Road, Akbar Market, Ssaddar RWP (2014)
37-New Emad Autos, Yamaha dealers, Liaquat bagh, Murree Road RWP (2018)
38-CRLF spareparts whole seller, committee Chowk, Murree Road RWP (2018)
39-Shamir Restaurant Jand kohat road (2010)
40-Paras CNG station fateh jang (2018)
41-Shamir marble factory Rawat (2018)
42-Shamir petrol pump kohat road jand (2018)
43-Abs cable network tarati chakwal road (2016)
44-Ahmed umer trading compant importers Iqbal road RWP (2010)
45-Paracha electronice murree road, RWP (2013)
46-Noor electronice murree road (2013)
47-Faisal electronics iqbal road rwp (2013)
48-Paracha electronice bahria town ph7 (2013)
49-ISPR GHQ suvinior shop POS (2014)
50-Maymaar urban construction phase 6 bahria town (2013)
51-711 stores bahria phase 6 (2010)
52-Ripples mobiles  bahria phase 6 (2017)
53-Hivolts musical instruments f7 markaz (2012)
54-Hivolts civic center bahria town (2016)
55-Global goods forwarding ganjmandi Rwp (2009)
56-The Ripples Chaklala Sch 3 commercial Rwp (2011)
57-Naneez beauty saloon chaklala, RWP (2018)
58-Gakhar plaza saddar rent lease and plaza management software (2013)
59-Gakhar plaza parking system software (2014)
60-Mrcod blue area Buland markaz, ISB (2010)
61-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Protocol Section,  Govt- of Pakistan (2008)
62-Benazir income support program VTP institutes and beneficiary management software (2014)

Note: We have number of International Clients with international rating.
Good Forwarding Urdu Software

Online CNG/Filling Stations Software

Plaza Rental and Sales Software

Parking Lot  Software