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(A research Article by Mr. Asif Mehmood)

Spell Caster is proud of its team of hightech professionals with ground shaking limitlessness
in the field of Audio, Electronics, Design and solution for theaters, entertainment and information.
Our research on Audio systems with taking the asian environment and construction into account
is at its best. Our claim to manufacture and provide best grade of audio equipment is
unchallengeable coz we develop for where we dwell and we use the best technology.
Our audio system is designed according to the psychology & emotions of our people, and brick
and concrete construction of most of the homes. Each material has a peroperty of reflecting and
absorbing sound waves at different frequencies. On high and louder levels of sound, many
reflecting sound waves frequencies collide, superimpose and sometimes subtracted due to phase
differences and change their property and shape. So sound producing source and reflecting
waves produce envoironmental distortion, audio phase errors and as a result bad feeling and
depression is experienced which leads you to unhealthy life.
Lets say we have a woofer producing a band from 30 to 60 hz and middle range is produced by
center speaker at 1KHz to 3Khz now u will see that woofer will viberate the diaphram of
center speaker too and producing waves from center speaker will be mechanically modulated
on the frequencies of woofer which is fairly undesired and against the high fidility reproduction
rules of sound. Similarly mostly speaker systems make 'deadroom effect' in the theater with
multi seating plan thus people cant enjoy real esteem of Dolby Digital or DTS experience.
Human ear has its limitations and main vocal sound from 1.3KHz to 1.5Khz is un judgeable by
ear for its source. mostly Cinemas are designed with directional sound and only few people
among house full can experience the real surround experience. Which was never
recommeneded by reputed Dolby Labs USA, Digital Theater System (DTS) USA, or THX, USA.
to experience sound full of errors.

Our ears are less sensitive for the sound on back because of its directional design. it has 120 degree
of ideal input. So Pinna - Scapha, Concha and External canal of ear are responsible for IAD
(Inter-aural Amplitude Difference)  a phemoninon of differenciation of direction of sound
remarkably from 700Hz to 8KHz. So time taken by sound to reach left and right ear
is known as Inter-Aural Time Delay (ITD). which can cause the sweetspot drift to any position
off center in head. Thus HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function/Factor) error occurs in
surround sound and it causes unwanted sound experience. Another factor is shoulder
or torso reflections it increases the pressure of 2KHz band of audio which can either be
taken as enhancemnet or band pass filter. Ear canal is resonant at 2.5Khz which means ear's
resonant frequency differ from Dolby Digital, THX and dts LPF band.So we can assume that
in a place with a big gathering causes various undesired frequencies enhanced. Frequencies
below 200Hz are count as low frequency of audio spectrum it is mechanically attenuated when
room has padded walls, multiple seates or gathering. Psychological fatcor also effects the inner
feelings of sound sense for example helicopter sound draws attention to sky while dog bark
makes us look donw as instinct this is technically called psychoacoustics which was used
by Arnold Klayman to invent surround technology years ago he studied and worked on human
ears behaviour on Phase, Intensity and time taken to reach sound to both ears. So ideal
theater experience is visual, mechanical, psychological and mental too.
Spell Caster research of years on various speaker systems in different envoironments and
technology of handling sound in angles reached the conclusion that overcoming these faults
related to envoironmental distortion or by speaker system itself are possible by only way
and that is developing research and designed speaker systems according to envioronment
and materials used within Theater, Auditorium, Cinema, Outdoor, Home etc. Our auto
optimization tuning technology covers all the faults stated above. Thats why big and leading
names of entertainment business choosing our equipment country wide with confidence. Our
speaker system has full capability to face four full seasons and climatical changes which
doubtlessly effect speaker and its enclosure material with the passage of time.
We also control tumbling, phase, angle, cross talk, dead room effect, cavity effect,
during installation of our designed speaker system as research product. If listener has
a little bit difference in hearing capability between both left and right ears as most of people
have 2% or less difference in audibility between left and right ear, our speaker systems
cover this fault and dont let such people go without experiencing real cinema sound & music
even if they have 33% difference in both ears. i.e., left has 97% audibility and right has
66% audibility with respect to human listening threshold level. People with band reject notch
problem of any frequency band due to damage of ear sensory cells (Kind of disorder) can
also experience SRS(R) based topology for surround which makes theater inside brain.
People with beared, Women with dopatta,Scarf or head covering or long hair covering ears
or people with little bit different design and anatomy of ear (Pinna) experience the same too
as stated above according to our experiments it covers all the problems which no
cinema speaker manufacturer ever taken into account because most of problems are purely
Asian. Every nation has its own taste for listening which we know well.

Some old & aged audio servicemen who were formerly runing service centers have damaged their
ears and brain cells by tuning and repairing old fashioned preamplifiers and other equipment by
consistent use of headphones. During bias adjustment and azimuth correction equipment generates
undesired and dangerous frequencies, distrotions and noises which are forcibly injected into ears by
headphone and as a result it destroys ears and brain cells as well this kind of stress also effects eyesight
and creates cylidrical and spherical problems. It eventually disturbs psychoacoustic sense in him and
ITD and IAD (stated above) related disorder occurs inside head it also changes the resonant column
of ear canal due to change of its shape as a nature's reaction to dangerous distortions.
How can such a medically unfit person who has ruined his own ears, brain and eyes can give you
entertainment or set system correctly while he is not in his senses?
So we have lots of complaints that well experienced audio technicians who formarly running audio
equipment service centers ruined the sound of theater and cinema. Thats true and natural because
use of correct and authentic equipment is necessary for tuning a theater at least once on the time
of installation and one must be medically fit and must have healthy ears brain and eyes not with
hearing aid, glasses and patient of hypertension.
It is the same case that if u have to choose someone to handle a big responsibility like army officer or
commercial Pilot etc.,  you will have to take care of his his mental, physical and psychological health.
I have also noticed in some auditoriums that despite of presence of expensive speaker systems
performers preffer to hire audio systems on rental basis. because of bad sound of already installed
system which is not the fault of equipment manufacturer but its installer. So loss is born by the
owner not by the installer in this case.
So stay away from confused and psycho technicians because mistuned cinema or theater is
consistent mental torture for you. Tuning a theater is a skill and we use technology for this purpose,
which is specially designed and developed caliberation equipment to tune a cinema, theater,
auditorium or other music places. We believe in use of technology because if we dont move with
the pace of time we will be lost in pages history.
Get your home theater or cinema 'Spell Caster Certified' . Spellcaster is technically Supported
by various Labs across world, including Dolby Labs USA, dts USA, SRS Labs USA and THX USA.
SpellCaster is not partner of Dolby Labs, DTS, SRS Labs, or THX. Hence authentic promotional
and technical literature is published with the written permission from Dolby Labs USA.
We work for major organisations and labs related to research and development within Pakistan.
and abroad. We use licenced and certified softwares, tools and test equipment and demote piracy.
                                               Research article written by: Asif Mehmood (CEO) April, 2005.

Special Thanks to Central Research Lab. U.K.
Len Fedman for Sound Retrieval System (SRS) General Motor Corporation, USA.
CRL,UK transfered technology to  ESS, Yamaha, Dennon,Sony & others.
Dolby Digital, Dolby Prologic II, and Dolby trademark is property of Dolby Labs USA.
"DTS" is trademark of Digital Theater System USA.
"SRS" is trademark of SRS Labs USA.
THX is trdemark or THX corporation USA.

Certification Program
ACESS has qualified and experienced hi tech professionals working on national level
on big research and development projects. We have capability to Install your equipment
tune it and caliberate it. Sound reproduction using Audio Coding 3, Dolby Digital / EX,
Dolby Prologic II , DTS, DTS ES, SRS and THX accuracy will be our responsibility.
We handle all the problems and faults related to Cinema, Auditorium or Home theater
with multiple seating or otherwise. We use precise equipment and caliberation discks
which are operated by our highly experienced technicians. After your music place is tuned,
we will be responsible for its health, accuracy and quality. A declaration certificate will be issued.
Remember! any sound producing object like musical instrument or sound reproduction system
needs accurate tuning. wether its related to tighten, loosen strings or placing speakers
with respect to envoironment with objects resposible for reflection, refraction and permiability
cross talk, ricochet, deadroom effect, cavity effect, superimpose effect and filteration of sound.
Suppose you have a badly mistuned guitar and u play a song with its original notes and chords
I guarantee it will not play that song but will make some bad noises.  We will accept all challeges,
claims and other issues after once your place is certified. Full technical documentation will
be provided about your music or entertainment place with characteristics graph.
                                                                   Asif Mehmood  (CEO)
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