Message from CEO
We are human specie with weaknesses if we consider a weakness as a color then our planet is a garden of colorful
flowers. Lets do one consistent good thing in our lives and it will be replicated by billions of good things...
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Advanced Communication Engineering
& Security Solutions
Awarded with lifetime membership of
316MEB Pakistan Army Panu Aqil cantt
Technical Consultancy    Cinematics    Soundproofing    Fireproofing    Bulletproofing    Defense    Security    Software Development   Robotics   Customized Technology   Broadcast    Production     Swimming Pools     Interior Designing     Reverse Engineering    Vocational  Training   Skill Development    Free Project Designing for Welfare NGOs
Theaters & Dance Floors:
Projects & Consultancies For:
Software Development / Reserach and Development / Soundproofing / Cinematics / Customized Sound / Broadcast  Robotics  / Defense & Security / Skill Development / Public welfare
Commercial Projects:
Certification Program
ACESS/ARTISTS GULID has qualified and experienced hi tech
professionals working on national level on big research and
development projects. We have capability to Install your equipment
tune it and caliberate it. Sound reproduction using Audio Coding 3,
Dolby Digital / EX, Dolby Prologic II , DTS, DTS ES, SRS and THX
accuracy will be our responsibility.
We handle all the problems and faults related to Cinema, Auditorium
or Home theater with multiple seating or otherwise. We use precise
equipment and caliberation discks which are operated by our highly
experienced technicians. After your music place is tuned, we will be
responsible for its health, accuracy and quality. A declaration
certificate will be issued.
Remember! any sound producing object like musical instrument or
sound reproduction system needs accurate tuning. wether its
related to tighten, loosen strings or placing speakers with respect to
envoironment with objects resposible for reflection, refraction and
permiability cross talk, ricochet, deadroom effect, cavity effect,
superimpose effect and filteration of sound.
Suppose you have a badly mistuned guitar and u play a song with its original notes and chords
I guarantee it will not play that song but will make some bad noises.  We will accept all challeges,
claims and other issues after once your place is certified. Full technical documentation will
be provided about your music or entertainment place with characteristics graph.
                                                                                          Asif Mehmood  (CEO)
A group of high tech people working
voluntarily under the umbrella of
ACESS for advacement of humanity
and effects of art and design on
human race. Many welfare projects
are launched for women and children
regarding health and education.
Major line of Artists Guild is
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Protection of Children
  • Skill Development in Women
  • Eradication of Poverty
  • Free Consultancy to NGOs
  • Lanuched "POS PROJECT"

Multi Purpose High Tech Auditorium/Cinems/Press Room "Jinah Hall"
for ISPR at GHQ Rawalpindi, Complete Turnkey Solution 2014
Multiple Tasks regarding fabrication, Design, Civil work,
at LOK Virsa Islamabad 2005 Museum Project awarded to Artists Guild - ACESS